Taking the perfect photo of your pet


Capturing the perfect photo of your pet can be a challenge. They get wiggly and you get frustrated and give up!

Choose a setting with natural light, even if it’s the sun shining in through a window. This is especially important for black dogs and cats since their features tend to get lost without a brighter room.

Turn off the flash! You’ve probably noticed that using the flash usually results in your pet’s eyes having a red or yellow glow. Plus, the flash could startle or frighten your pet, making him less likely to cooperate.

Get down on your pet’s level. You are sure to get a better shot of your pet if you get down face to face with him instead of standing over the top of him.

Show off your pet’s personality! If your dog simply can’t play enough fetch try to take photos of her doing what she loves. If your cat likes to nap in unique locations wait for him to fall asleep and then take some shots of him.

For action shots try the live or burst feature on your smart phone and be sure to take a lot of photos. This way you have several to chose from.

Lastly, be patient with your pet and keep trying until you get that perfect photo!

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