Established in 2004, the Institute of Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Amazon (IDESAM), is a non-governmental, non-profit organization. IDESAM’s headquarters is located in Manaus, Amazonas State, but our projects are spread throughout all the Amazon region.


The scientific results of our projects are disseminated through technical publications, presentation and participation in conferences and workshops. By sharing our scientific results, we aim to stimulate discussion and debate in search of creative, appropriate solutions to the unique environmental and social problems of the Amazon.

About IDESAM’s

IDESAM’s projects are divided into the following themes: Climate Change and REDD+, Forestry and Technologies (PMTF), Sustainable Rural Production (PPRS) and Carbon Neutral (PCN), Public Policies and Protected Areas. All activities, programs and funds raised are monitored by IDESAM’s governing board and independent audits.

Our mission is to promote the valorization and sustainable use of natural resources in the Amazon and seek alternatives for environmental conservation, social development and mitigation of climate change.

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