Pitanga Conditioner


tear free
paraben free
dye free

The Pitanga, also known as the Brazilian Cherry, is the star of the show in our Pitanga Conditioner for it’s ability to soothe your pet’s skin and soften their coat. Developed for all dog and cat breeds. Vitamins A, C and B complex provide the foundation for skin to feel more moisturized resulting in a soft, shimmery coat that is easy to brush. A UV shield helps to further protect your pet’s coat at the cellular level.


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Additional information

Available sizes:

16.9 oz


Wet coat and generously apply conditioner to entire body. Allow to sit for several minutes, rinse throughly and repeat if necessary. For best results pair with Amazonia Pet Care Shampoos.


Cetrimonium Chloride, Polyquarternium 7, Natural Oatmeal Oil, Fragrance and Perservative.


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