Saturday, February 6th is play outside day and what better way to celebrate than with your four-legged friend? Your dog is sure to love the fresh air and (hopefully) sunshine but even if it’s cold and damp, it’s great to get outdoors. 

Is there anything a dog loves more than a good old game of fetch? You throw and they bring it back, over and over and over again. While the classic tennis ball does the job, many dogs require something sturdier that will last a little longer. With the wide variety of balls available you should have no problem finding one that suits your dog! 

If you don’t have a yard of your own, or you’d like to give your pet the opportunity to socialize and play with other dogs, a dog park could be perfect! There are some rules to follow and ways to prepare your dog to have fun with his doggy friends and avoid any awkward moments with other pet parents! 

Preventing fleas and ticks is always important, especially when you know your pet will be spending longer periods of time outdoors! Amazonia Pet Care Herbal Shampoo provides natural flea and tick prevention while cleaning and conditioning for a soft and shiny coat. For additional protection, spray Amazonia Pet Care Citro Protect, featuring one of nature’s most well known shields: citronella! If you aren’t sure the best way to play with your pet or if your pet doesn’t seem to enjoy playing games, a nice walk or jog can be just the thing. Remember, your pet enjoys spending time with you more than anything, so get outside and enjoy!

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