Love Your Pet Day – Showing Your Pet Some Love


It’s a weekend of love for many. Even if Valentines’ Day is not your ‘thing’, Love Your Pet Day certainly is! But how do you really show your pet how much you love them? You could try a new treat or a toy or a ride in the car,  but you are probably already communicating your love for your pet!

Do you talk to your pet? Turns out dogs’ brains actually process language in a way similar to humans. So, when you tell your pup that he’s the very bestest boy in that special voice reserved just for him, he knows exactly what you’re saying! And, it actually makes him happy!

Head pats and belly scratches are common ways to love on your pup, but did you know that massaging your dog’s ears releases endorphins that make your dog feel happy? Try it out the next time you want to relax your pup and let them know that you love them.

Taking the time to brush your pet will not only keep them looking nice, it’s also an important way to keep their coat healthy. Amazonia Pet Care Detangler will make brushing easier for you and more enjoyable for your pet so you can enjoy your one on one time together!

Return your pet’s loving gaze, stroke their head when they lean into you, let yourself relax and just enjoy their company. And maybe, every once in a while, let them share the bed or sofa!

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