Living The #LakeLife With Your Pup


Fishing, floating, tubing and water skiing, kayaking and paddle boarding, jumping off the dock or zipping around in a boat. The lake offers so many activities, one of them is bound to be your favorite and your dog may enjoy those activities as well.

Safety comes first, so consider investing in a life vest for your pup, especially if he’ll be joining you out on a boat! It’s important to take your dog for a test swim in shallow water to make sure that they are able to swim since not all dogs are natural swimmers or even enjoy being in the water. Keep in mind that even dogs that swim well can tire out very quickly so stay close to your dog and provide a way for her to exit the water if she needs to.

If your dog has a darker coat he’s naturally going to get hotter in the sun, think about how much more you feel the sun’s intensity when wearing darker clothing! Some breeds tend to ‘run hotter’ due to the thickness and texture of their coat. Many pet owners prefer a “summer time hair cut” for their pups which means their coats are much shorter, and exposing more of their skin. Amazonia Pet Care Cupuacu Shampoo creates a natural barrier to protect their skin from the sun. Cupuacu acts as a natural sunscreen. This is an easy way to prepare your pet for some fun in the sun!

Be sure to provide lots of fresh drinking water so your pup can stay hydrated. Discourage her from drinking lake water since it could contain bacteria that could make her ill. Provide shade and keep a close eye on your pet so you can offer a break from the sun and heat if they need it.

Be sure to dry your dog’s fur well after swimming, pay special attention to their ears since water can become trapped in the ears and cause infection if not properly cleaned. If their paws and nose are dry Amazonia Pet Care Balm for Paws and Noses will give them some soothing moisture.

Taking your pup to the lake can be extra work but if your pet loves the #lakelife as much as you do, it’s completely worth it!

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