For many Americans Independence Day is a time of celebration. Friends and neighbors gather together to eat their favorite foods, play games or swim and end the evening together under bright and beautiful fireworks. For those with pets that suffer from anxiety, July 4th can’t pass quickly enough! Even if your pet is unaffected by loud storms the mighty booms of a firework or even the popping of a bottle rocket can send them into a panic.

In anticipation of the fireworks and the sounds that accompany them, create a safe place for your pet to hide out. Perhaps they feel safest in their crate or under your bed? Allow quick and easy access to their ”safe space”.Turning on a fan, tv or radio will help muffle some of the noises and be sure your windows are closed to block out as much sound as possible. Experts say it is best to go about your business as usual and not reinforce the fearful behavior, hopefully your pet will take his cues from you and relax. 

Some dogs go into flight mode and want to run from the commotion. It is best to keep your dog home but if you absolutely must take him with you be sure he is leashed! Even dogs who don’t seem to mind fireworks may panic when they are outside and viewing them. 30% more dogs go missing over this holiday than any other time of the year! Make sure that your pet has proper identification.

If necessary, ask your veterinarian about a calming medication or supplement. Your local pet retailer may be able to suggest an anxiety wrap that could give your pet some relief.

Have a happy and safe Independence Day!

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