Enjoying Thanksgiving at home with your pet


As Americans across the country are preparing to spend Thanksgiving with a smaller gathering of family or friends, many of us will be staying home this year. While it will certainly be a different Thanksgiving than most people are used to, one of the benefits is that pet parents who would normally be traveling will be able to spend the holiday with their pets this year!

The first thing you’ll want to do is cuddle up with your pup to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade followed by the National Dog Show! Maybe seeing all those dogs ‘groomed to the nines’ will inspire you to do a little light grooming on your own dog to make sure they look and smell nice for company. Amazonia Pet Care’s Pet Sprays are a perfect refresh after a good brushing. Your guests will for sure notice how good your pet smells and be even more likely to give lots of head scratches and belly rubs!

Aside from the time spent with loved ones, everyone knows that food is the star of the show on Thanksgiving! No need to feel guilty eating all that delicious food in front of your pup, they can partake in some of the tasty food as well. Plain, white meat turkey is perfectly fine for your dog to indulge in, make sure to remove all the skin and resist the temptation to give your dog any bones. Plain sweet potatoes, peas and green beans are also great choices for your pup, as long as they aren’t part of a casserole or covered in butter or cream as this could upset their stomach! Plain canned pumpkin (be sure it’s not pumpkin pie filling!) is another healthy treat for your dog.

You can even use your leftovers to continue treating your dog in the weeks following Thanksgiving. Try this tasty looking and healthy homemade treat recipe!

Of course, everything in moderation, as humans aren’t the only ones who eat too much! And, make sure to keep desserts, turkey bones & skin, and alcoholic beverages out reach of your pet. If you have a rule against ‘people food’ or your dog doesn’t tolerate it well, try a festive dog treat like these Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Treats!

No matter how you spend your day, take a moment to reflect on the things you are most thankful for. Be sure to list your pet among them and know that you are at the very top of your pet’s list!

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