Amazonia Pet Care Balm for Paws and Nose


This summer has been full of outdoor adventures for many pets and their humans. Hot sidewalks and rocky trails can wreak havoc on a dog’s paws and the wind and sun can cause irritation to their noses. Some dogs even suffer from seasonal allergies to pollen and grass which leave their noses and paws dry and cracking.

It’s a good idea to watch your pet for signs of discomfort. If your dog is chewing their paws or repeatedly licking their noses take a good look at their feet and nose to check for cracking and irritation. To help them heal, gently wash any debris from their paws or nose and apply Amazonia Pet Care Balm for Paws and Nose. Reapply as often as needed.

Balm for Paws and Nose is perfect for preventative use in the fall and winter months when the outside temps drop and the air inside can be dry. Just as you would reach for your lip balm or hand lotion to soothe your own skin, apply Balm for Paws and Nose to your dog’s paws and nose to keep him comfortable and moisturized.

Amazonia Pet Care Balm is a healing balm formulated especially for dog’s paws and noses. Featuring natural oils from the Amazon Rainforest, your pet can start healing with the soothing moisture and protective barrier provided by Brazilian Carnauba Wax, Murumuru Butter, Karite Butter and Beeswax. Our vegan formula is also paraben, dye & fragrance free and is not tested on animals. Best of all, not only does it smell wonderful, these all-natural ingredients are safe for your pet when they lick their paws and safe for you when you kiss their nose!

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